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Kristina, originally from Slovakia, a small country situated in the heart of Europe, has nurtured a lifelong aspiration to work in the private jet industry. Since she was a young girl, she has been captivated by the idea. Among her interests, Kristina enjoys horses, both in the form of automobiles or under the saddle, as she has been riding horses since her childhood. Due to her love for summer and the sea, she decided to pursue her college education in Dubai.

With considerable experience in creating social media content and a fundamental understanding of various Adobe applications, social media platforms, and marketing techniques, Kristina plays a vital role as a content creator within the Your Sky team.

While she continues her studies, Kristina’s expertise grows day by day.

Given her lifelong passion for sports, you can often find her in activities such as horseback riding, working out at the gym, or enjoying the beach during her leisure time.

Furthermore, Kristina has a strong passion for traveling, having explored a few countries in almost every continent, from America to Asia and Africa. Her love for travel stems from her desire to create lasting memories, immerse herself in diverse cultures, and forge connections with people from all walks of life.

Talks about:

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#private jets
# gym

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